Send Us Your Story

If you are over 90 years old, we want to feature your writing on this site.

Ninety Over Ninety is pleased to announce a new feature on our website as part of our broader mission to tell the stories of nonagenarians and centenarians.

Not only does this "Greatest Generation" have a lot to say, they love to write. Poems, essays, memories, comedy, history will be featured, all written by folks over ninety years old, preserved on our site for you to read and enjoy.

Two of our first submissions are written by former guests from our video interviews, Mrs. Julia Sykes, a poet, and Mr. Jule Spach, a WWII POW and missionary to Brazil. A third submission is written by Isaac Harold Storey, a Silver Star award winner who is new to Ninety Over Ninety. We look forward to bringing you more original stories.

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"I am afraid I developed
a mean streak."

Ruby Blackburn Lambert


"I wish I had known
how my life was to become"

Dr. Peter Henry Daley


"I am a patient man
at peace with myself "

Dr. Peter Henry Daley


" 'A penny for your thoughts'
She said' "

Dr. Peter Henry Daley


"I struggle with the button, broke a nail with the damn collar button..."

Dr. Peter Henry Daley


"What you see is only a fraction, as she has forty nine cloaks..."

Dr. Peter Henry Daley

Planet Earth

"Generations to come will know that she was here."

Julia Neal Sykes

The 20th Century Woman

"I led my platoon across the bridge, and we started up the hill before dawn."

I. Harold Storey

Silver Star

"Each step forward had to be taken, as much in defiance as in faith."

Jule Spach

Target Budapest

"Did I fight in the days of yore, oft times tinged with gore..."

Dr. Peter Henry Daley

War in Heaven