“Planet Earth” by Dr. Peter Henry Daley

Dr. Peter Daley shares one of his first poems with Ninety Over Ninety.  Since completing this work in 2011, he has written approximately 280 more.  Two other poems, “War in Heaven” and “Buttons” are also published on Ninety Over Ninety.

Planet Earth

What you see is only a fraction

as she has forty nine cloaks

These being different versions

planes of existence unknown

so there are forty eight earths

which will remain a mystery

until science discovers the key

There are few who know about this

but ancient races have lived inside

for thousands of years and lately

disturbed by the nuclear bombs

have emerged to open discourse

secretly with some governments

There are stories and books of

those who entered by chance

From whom we have knowledge

but who were treated as insane

Admiral Byrd was most famous

and was silenced

but left an account in his diaries

Dr. Peter Henry Daley

Dr. Peter Henry Daley

Dr. Peter Henry Daley was born November 9, 1924 and spent his early life in Barnsley, Yorkshire, England. He qualified for the practice of medicine in 1949 and served his country in the Canal Zone in Egypt. He later spent his career in the National Health Service of England. He and his family immigrated to New Zealand and eventually settled in Australia.

Mr. Daley has written several books, including "Metaphysics and The New Age" (available on Amazon). He only began writing poetry, a subject he disliked in school, after finishing his first book and joining the local writers group.

Having retired from medical practice in 1989, he now enjoys life with his son in Australia. He continues to write and lecture on his favorite subjects, philosophy and metaphysics.