Who We Are



NINETY OVER NINETY is a family project comprised of a father/daughter/son team.  Having missed out on capturing many of the stories in our own family, we hope to tell the stories of others.  For us, Ninety Over Ninety is a labor of love in genealogy, biography, and film production.  Led by our father, Rob Sumner, we have combined our skills to bring this project to fruition.  Growing up in the Sumner household was less like a crystal vase and more like a basketball; so, if through no other venue, the basketball court is where we learned to work as a team.

Rob Sumner (center) is hopelessly lacking in charisma but enjoys finding it in others.  He believes that NINETY OVER NINETY will help him discover the secret of a long and happy life.  Retired from thirty years in private practice as an attorney, Rob is currently serving as a Superior Court Judge for the 27A Judicial District of North Carolina.

Jack Sumner (left) is devoted to music and his studio, Point of Rock Productions.  He spends his days studying, his evenings disc jockeying, and his nights laboring at Point of Rock on original music projects.  We are not sure if he sleeps.  NINETY OVER NINETY is just another excuse to spend time in the studio.

Mary Stephenson (right) is fumbling her way through motherhood and the technical aspects of the NINETY OVER NINETY website.  She has mastered neither, but hoping it all works out in the end.  Mary and her family are currently stationed at the American Embassy in Norway and learning how to dress for a real winter.