Submit a Self Portrait

Ninety Over Ninety is excited to introduce another way to record and preserve the stories of the Greatest Generation called “Self Portraits”.  This new feature will give up the opportunity to record stories from all over the world and not just those who can travel to our studio.  It works like this:

  1. Record a three to five minute video on your smartphone in horizontal mode.  The video must feature someone ninety years or older.  The video can be about one of our suggested topics, or a topic of your own.  (Growing up, The War, Advice to your Grandchildren, Falling in Love, Secret to a Life Fulfilled, A funny story, Performance Video or other).  The video can be serious or humorous.
  2. Use our Google Form to upload your video and tell us about yourself.
  3. We will review and edit the video for content and length and post it on our website with a brief bio.
  4. If you have further questions, feel free to contact us here.  Upon review and accepting your video, we will be in touch by email to confirm acceptance and posting on our website.

Here are some tips on getting a good video:

  • Record, holding the phone horizontally.
  • Make sure the subject is no more than several feet away.  The closer the subject is, the more engaging he/she will be.
  • Use a tripod or prop the phone up on a steady surface while recording.
  • Arrange the camera so that the subject is slightly off-center.
  • Make sure the area where you are recording is well-lit and has little or no background noise.  If recording outside, it is best if weather is overcast to avoid deep shadows cast by the sun. Make sure you record some distance away from moving vehicles.  If recording inside, ensure that lighting is shining on the front of the subject’s face rather than behind.
  • Practice a couple of times before you record your video.  Maximum video length is five (5) minutes.