Jean Marie Torrence


Jean Marie Torrence was born in Gaston County on May 11, 1925.  She is the oldest child of Charlton Kennedy Torrence Sr. and Marguerite Ring Torrence and the older sister of Charlton Kennedy Torrence, Jr.  She grew up believing that she could outrun, out throw, and out work any of the kids in her neighborhood (especially the boys) and proved it on a daily basis.  She attended and  graduated from Queens College in Charlotte, N.C.

Her first job was in the office of the Mt. Holly News where she worked with eight men.  There she learned how to set type, print, and proofread, She eventually left to start her own successful business Torrence Stationary and Gifts  which she operated for over 60 years.  She devoted much of her volunteer life to the Pioneer Girl Scouts and has been recognized regionally for her tireless work and dedication to this great cause.  While she is retired from her business, she continues to read and write every day.

Ms. Torrence is interviewed by Janice Holly Booth.  Ms. Booth was born in Canada and has found a home in Gastonia, NC. She is the former leader of the Pioneer Girl Scout Council and the author of two books, Only Pack What You Can Carry (National Geographic – Available on Amazon) and A Voice Out of Nowhere (also on Amazon). You can contact her at